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Vivitek is committed to providing educators with easy-to-use superior technology and support resources to ensure students experience engaging, collaborative, digital learning.

The Novo Pilot Program Guarantees That A School Gets The Technical and Instructional Support It Needs For Successful Implementation.

Solves the challenges of BYOD or mixed platform environments, by allowing student devices to be projected on the classroom screen, regardless of operating system. Mix and match student phones, Chromebooks, laptops and desktops; all devices can be projected seamlessly.

Perfect for schools that foster collaborative, blended, or personalized learning.

Pilot schools receive the NovoAssurED Program:

  • Hardware

    NovoPro Wireless Streaming Device

  • Software

    Interactive Whiteboard Tools

  • Professional Development

    In Partnership with Purdue University

  • Technical &
    Instructional Support

    Community Forums, Resources, Recognition

  • Vivitek
  • Purdue University
  • social-circles

We Are Seeking Schools To Join The Novo Pilot Program

  • Allows schools or districts to purchase with money-back guarantee
  • Pilot configuration is flexible. For example, the pilot could be an entire department at a high school or an entire grade level (or two grade levels) at an elementary school. Let us know what fits your needs
  • Structured support for pilots:
    • Educators in the pilot use a rubric to assess the success of their implementation over time
    • Vivitek provides Field Application Engineers for technical issues
    • Professional development for all teachers in the pilot
  • Pilot period is 90-120 days (approx. one semester, may vary depending on time of year & school calendar)
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  •    Hardware

    Wireless Presentation and Collaboration System

    Feature-rich, clutter-free, and intuitive, NovoPro is a next-generation wireless presentation and collaboration system perfect for guiding discussion in educational environments.

  • NovoPro

      Capable of supporting up to 64 session participants at once, NovoPro can also display up to four devices simultaneously via split-screen, a useful feature for comparing materials side-by-side.


      Designed to empower educators with a suite of class management tools for the digital age, NovoPro’s Educational Mode includes mobile device lock, session termination, and class attendance features.


      With the easy-to-use markup pen, eraser, and color-fill tools, educators and students can effortlessly annotate content, enabling them to more effectively communicate with their audience and peers.


      Beyond typical desktop and laptop computers, to accommodate the wide range of devices students and educators depend on, NovoPro also supports full mirroring of iOS and Android devices.

Frequently asked questions

If you have a question, please contact us.

  • Why does Professional Services ask educators in the pilot to use the rubric?

    We teachers in the pilot to talk to each other about how they are doing with implementation. These conversations will inspire sharing and mutual support among the team members of the pilot.

  • What does Professional Services do with the rubric self assessments collected at 45-60 days?

    We use that information to customize targeted PD and support to ensure the pilot is successful.

  • Can the Pilot School make slight customizations to the rubric so that it is more relevant to their school culture?


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